Lifestyle: Incorporate healthy practices

Healthy lifestyles are increasingly trendy. Running has gained popularity, restaurants serve alternative options such as gluten and lactose free dishes, and the internet is filled with health tips.

Many of us wonder “how can I incorporate healthy lifestyle behaviors in my busy schedule?” Meal planning encourages an organized approach to ensure balanced nutrition. Healthy eating aside however, studies point towards one activity that encompasses numerous benefits: Yoga.

Why yoga?

The practice of yoga incorporates stretching, meditation, breathing exercises, and resistance training. Yoga is proven to reduce stress, fight depression, improve sleep quality, and enhance general health. These evidence-based benefits impact both mental and physical health.


All you need is a yoga mat, initial guidance and 10 minutes per day! Low budget and accessible from the comfort of your own home, there are no excuses to avoid a short daily practice.

Beginner yogis: Start by familiarizing yourself with basic yoga on Pinterest and Youtube. Poses and flows are easy to find. If you require more guidance, subscribe to local yoga courses for beginners. A few classes might be sufficient to guide your personal home practice going forward.

Intermediate yogis: Did you know that Pinterest and Youtube prove to be rich sources of inspiration for you as well? An intermediate yogi knows that there is always room for improvement: change the flow, perfect poses, and improve breathing techniques.

Amazon offers a wide selection of basic yoga equipment. If you’re looking for trendy gear, take a look at Lululemon that specialized in technical gear for yoga lovers or Lolë, athletic apparel designer .

Discover more…

Once you start, you might get hooked. Aside from physical wellbeing, yoga inspires a calmness of mind.  You might develop a preference for a type of practice or another. Here are the four most popular yoga practices.

  1. Vinyasa or “flow” yoga favors coordinated movements. Breathing is a central component to flow from one pose to the next. 
  2. Power yoga is a vinyasa practice on steroids. This fitness-based practice is ideal for those seeking a faster-paced workout.
  3. Yin yoga is the stretching of connective tissues. If you have a sore back or stiff hip, this yoga is for you!
  4. Hot yoga is simply the practice of any yoga in a 39 to 40-degree Celsius room. Among other benefits, weight loss can be the result of hot yoga. Note that it is not for everyone.

If you need to get away from it all and put your busy life on pause, consider a yoga retreat. What better way to recharge than peaceful yoga practices in a beautiful setting? There is an array of yoga retreats around the world for different time and financial budgets.

There are no excuses to avoid a healthy lifestyle! Incorporate a short yoga practice in your daily routine to feel better than ever.


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