It seems yesterday that I was writing the introductory post to our blog, and here we are. The semester is now coming to an end, and we are ready to hand over this blog to Chinois Santé Spa. Let me explain you. 

During our time in this MBA class, we have been involved in a couple of very interesting projects:

  • The creation and up-keeping of this blog: so much fun!
  • A consulting project to develop a social media strategy targeted to a customer in need. 

While by now you know everything about the blog, you might have not realized that this project was very linked to our consulting assignment. In fact, the client that we decided to help is Sabrina, a Chinese massage therapist in need of a social media strategy for her Chinois Santé Spain Montréal. This was a very challenging, yet exciting assignment for us, and it gave us the opportunity not only to develop a strategy and some ad-hoc recommendations for Sabrina, but also to set up a series of social media tools that she will be able to use in the future to keep her customers happy and interested. 

Chinois Santé Spa, 4441 St Denis, Montréal

In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the social media platforms that we created for her: Twitter,Instagram, and an improved Facebook page. These platforms are now fully developed, and we hope to see the ‘likes’ and ‘share’ grow at a fast pace! They are also now directly linked to the Chinois Santé Spa website: check it out!

Leaflet developed for Chinois Santé Spa in Montréal

As for the social media platforms, also this blog is now linked to their website. This means that this is not a farewell, but just the beginning of a hopefully long journey for our wellness tools! 

We cannot wait to see how Sabrina will use these platforms to increase her reach! It is with a bit of nostalgia in our heart, that we now hand everything over to her, and we with wish her the best of luck with her spa and this new social media adventure! 

We hope you enjoyed our pieces! Do not hesitate to leave comments and do keep visiting! There is so much more to come!

Daniela (on behalf of all our Team)

Disclaimer: For references to this article, please access through in-text hyperlinks.

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