Running: the Benefits of Integrating Sports Massages

Maybe you have just decided to start running to burn off few pounds and get into shape, or you might have been running for years. Regardless, today you need to be prepared and equipped: you need your speciality shoes, performance gear, sports watch and the list goes on. 

However, many forget to invest in their body. Like a car, our body needs maintenance for optimal performance! This is where integrating regular sports massages in your running plan can help you achieve your goals.

Sports massage can be done at any point in your program. Here are 4 key moments to consider: pre-race, post-race, maintenance, injury.

  • Pre race: You’ve decided to sign up for your 1sthalf-marathon. Fantastic! Time to get your muscles ready to ensure increased blood-flow, elasticity and to prevent injuries. Let’s get ready, you got this! Book your massage session a week in advance!
  • Post-race: You did it. Congratulations! 😊 Now, how do you get rid of the pain? Sport massage is an effective way to make your muscles hurt less. Book a couple of days after the event!
  • Maintenance: Just like going to the spa to relax, getting treatments on your muscles and joints has many wellness and physical benefits. Choose a frequency that’s right for you.
  • Injury: It can happen to anyone. Don’t feel discouraged. The question is: how can you get back on your feet fast? Depending on the injury, sports massage is effective to loosen up strained muscles and improve a range of motion. Ask your massage therapist what’s right for you.

What has been your experience so far? Are you getting ready for a big event or do you like to train simply for achieving your goals? Share your stories with us!


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