Some of us do it out of obligation, others for leisure. Without a doubt, travelling has become a central component of our modern society. Mobility is popular with an increasing number of solo travelsand millennialsthat seek freedom, independence and discovery. Above all, travel is accessible now more than ever which renders tourism one of the world’s largest industries. Yet, as Adventure Faktoryhighlights, travellers wonder “how to stay healthy and fit while globetrotting”.

Eat healthy on the go

Burgers, fried foods, pastries. Temptations are numerous whether one chooses to travel by air or land. These dishes might provide momentary satisfaction, however, travellers mindful of their consumption quickly tire from these unhealthy options. How can health conscious voyagers feel satisfied while in transit? 

  1. Bring a few healthy snacks along for the trip. Carrots, dried apricots, nuts and bars make for filling snacks that fit easily in a carry-on. Try these easy to make and delicious bars. Allowed passed airport security, you don’t have to swallow them before proceeding through.
  2. Choose the healthy option. Even McDonald’s offers salad with grilled chicken, making for a filling meal. Not an interesting option? Then try replacing a side-dish of fries with a garden salad to accompany your burger.
  3. Avoid carbohydrates and sugars because together, they are the enemy.

Tip:choose a wrap rather than a baguette sandwich.

Stay limber 

At the airport, walk and don’t sit. During pit stops, step out of your vehicle to stretch your limbs. On longer commutes or layovers, do quick and easy exercises. 

There are many simple exercisesa traveller can do without equipment. Choose three to five exercises daily and alternate to keep the workout interesting. Aim to complete the session in under 10 minutes. Even in such a short amount of time, it is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed!

Get some beauty rest 

Travelling can be exhausting, therefore it is important to rest whenever possible. Some try to adapt to time zone changeprior to travel by staying awake and light exposure. Your body speaks. Sleep when you feel tired and your body will thank you.  Bring ear plugs and an eye mask to shut everything out. Still not sleeping? Melatonin capsules which supplement the body’s natural sleep hormone can aid the process. 

When you’ve arrived at your destination, learn to say no. Say no to colleagues, friends and family when you need to rest. You will enjoy your travel experience so much more. 

Read the Wellness Live Blog next week for tips on Incorporating Healthy Lifestyle Practices at home. Until then, safe travels!


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